Coffee + Clarity: Covenant Connections

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Coraopolis Youth Creations

1025 State Ave, Coraopolis, Pa 15108

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Coffee + Clarity is a transformational half day retreat for women of faith who desire to align with their divine assignments.  The experience is full of transformational activities to help you gain clarity, build courage and courageously commit to pursuing Gods calling on your life.


Coffee + Clarity is for you IF:

  • You want to finally gain clarity on and be challenged to move forward with Gods vision/purpose for your life

  • You believe you were created for more but aren't sure where to start or what to do next

  • You are feeling isolated on the journey and have a desire to connect with like minded women of faith in a sacred, nonjudgmental space.

  • Our theme for 2019 is Setback to Impact rooted in Isaiah 61.

    Sometimes moving from setback to impact requires you to be willing to release ties to A1s from Day 1 and be open to the provision for the vision through divine connections.

    • Have you been closed off or skeptical about new relationships because of failed relationships in the past?

      • Are you getting bitter instead of better because you refuse to grieve relationships to create space for those to catapult your growth?

      • Is God calling you to initiate relationship(s) that makes you uncomfortable or to move into spaces where you don't "fit"?

      • Have you been stunting your growth because you are afraid to seek out new goalfriends?

      • Do you consistently struggle with the courage to choose God company over good company?

      If understanding, recognizing, or accepting covenant connection

      is a challenge for you - this Coffee + Clarity Experience is for you.

      Praise for Coffee + Clarity

      The Coffee + Clarity Experience is often described as indescribable,

      but the phenomenal women below offer a glimpse into the greatness you can look forward to.

      Join The Coffee + Clarity Movement

      This is your personal invitation to become part of a spirit led movement for women like YOU: committed to courageously grow your faith, develop as a leader and become and agent of change in your home and community.

      The Coffee + Clarity Experience

      During Coffee + Clarity Experiences you'll be challenged and encouraged through engaging conversations and activities to gain clarity + build courage to pursue God's divine plan for your life.

      Meet Your Mentor

      Hi, I'm Tiffany Huff-Strothers, Wife, Mom, Evangelist + Mentor for Women.  My work with Coffee+Clarity made me an Award Winning Entrepreneur, and sharing my truth made me an Award Winning Author.

      MY STORY

      Before I was 30 I’d invested nearly a decade building a career I didn’t want and pouring into a tumultuous relationship that was suffocating my spirit, and nearly killed me when it ended with a bang – literally. (Spoiler alert: I wrote a book about it!)


      After years of habitual job hopping, in 2014 I took the ultimate leap of faith, trusting God when I was called to quit my full time job to pursue my life’s work – helping women like you bounce back from your worst setback and climb to success –according to God's plan for your life. Learn More Here...

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